Let Us Manage It for You!

              Caring for Your Properties as We Care for Our Own


Charles R. Hooff, Inc., as your Managing Agent, will, to the best of our ability, diligently pursue efficient and profitable operation of your property. Specifically, our duties will cover the following:


Execute Leases

We are prepared to execute on your behalf leases, renewals, extensions, additions and/or agreements for the occupancy or operation of your property.


Collect Rents

We will collect from each tenant their monthly rent plus any others payments due. When the payments are late, we will apply a late payment penalty. From a business standpoint, it is important that the late fees be assessed and collected. Strict adherence to this policy will result in all rents being paid on time. We will maintain such bank accounts as needed to deposit and withdraw the necessary funds to manage the property efficiently.


We will be responsible for delivering the property to new tenants and accepting the property from the tenants at the termination of their leases. We will inspect the property when it is vacated and inspect the property annually. Should we find damage which is beyond normal wear and tear, we will deduct from the tenant's security deposit those moneys needed to correct the condition. Should there not be sufficient funds to pay for these damages, we will incite proceedings in any court of law to recover those moneys owed by the tenant. We will bring action in a court of law, when necessary, seeking the removal of tenants, the recovery of rent and any other charges due from tenants when it is needed.


Routine Inspections of Property

An inspection of the property will be done in both the spring and fall of every year to assess the general condition of the property and if it is being maintained by the current tenants. The owner will be made aware of the present condition and if any maintenance items need to be addressed.


Increase Revenues

Our leasing department will expose your property to a wide segment of the population through use of advertising in newspapers, the Northern Virginia Multiple Listing Service, and other media which routinely list properties available for rent in the metropolitan area.


Provide Accountings

We will maintain proper records and furnish monthly statement to you. At the end of each calendar year we will supply you with a summation of the year's monthly expenses. These records will provide you with the necessary information, along with a 1099, to prepare or have prepared your tax returns. Our in-house computerized accounting system will provide you with immediate access to any information you may need.


Pay All Bills

We will pay all real estate taxes and assessments levied against the land and building, pay all insurance premiums, advertising expenses, expenses for repairs, maintenance, and purchase of new equipment or replacement for damaged equipment. We will pay all service contracts and any other expenses in connection with our duties there under, and monthly we will disburse the balance of the funds to you.


Maintain Insurance

We will work with you to review and recommend comprehensive general liability and property damage insurance in such limits as necessary.


We will promptly investigate and make full written reports as to all accidents or claims for damage to the property, including the estimated cost of repairs, and we will cooperate and make any and all reports required by any insurance company.


Coordinate Maintenance

We will coordinate all maintenance needs of the property. We provide 24 hour coverage for tenants should an emergency arise.


For more information and a list of references for properties we currently manage, contact Sarah Delano. Click here to email her or call 703-309-3162.  You may also call the office at 703-549-6103.